Nardella welcomes Early Childhood Funding

The Andrews Labor Government is delivering up to $83.7 million over four years to support the implementation of improved educator-to-child ratios.

The Government is providing workforce incentives and scholarships, and minor capital grants to increase room sizes and accommodate additional kindergarten places.

Locally, in 2016 33 new jobs were created to ensure that kids across Melton are receiving better care thanks to improved educator-to-child ratios.

The new ratio of one educator for every 11 children – down from one per 15 – means improved levels of attention and care, helping kids in Melton to get more out of their early years education.

Research shows that higher numbers of staff to children aged three to five years is associated with important social and learning outcomes, including increased literacy skills and general knowledge.

Kindergartens in Melton will get extra support as they continue their transition to the improved educator-to-child ratio, with the Andrews Labor Government providing extra resources to assist with strategic planning.

Melton kindergartens are now able to access expert financial advice to assist them in successfully continuing to adapt to the new requirements. This advice will help Melton Kindergartens identify the best program and staffing models to support the new ratio, and keep them strong and viable.

In addition, kindergartens will have access to a set of resources to help them with their budgeting and financial planning.

Mr Nardella said:

β€œThe new educator-to-child ratios are a win for Melton as we create new jobs and provide a better early education for our kids.”