Breakfast Clubs Launch at Melton

Don Nardella MLA has welcomed funding for three local schools whose students will enjoy a healthy start to the day thanks to the Andrews Labor Government’s new breakfast club program.

Victorian Government breakfast clubs officially launch at 78 more primary schools across Victoria today, including three local Melton schools – Kurunjang, Coburn, and Melton Primary Schools.

The Andrews Labor Government is delivering its $13.7 million breakfast club commitment so that Victorian children have a brighter and healthier start to the school day. One in seven Victorian children arrive at school hungry, meaning they struggle to pay attention throughout the day, which affects their ability to learn and do their best.

The Andrews Labor Government’s breakfast clubs program will help improve student learning and attendance, while also building connections between families, schools and their local communities.

500 government primary schools will launch breakfast clubs this year.

The Andrews Labor Government has partnered with Foodbank to deliver breakfast clubs at primary schools throughout Victoria, using Foodbank’s warehousing, storage and freight network. The government is committed to building the Education State and that means ensuring no students are left behind, no matter their circumstances.

These schools will also get funding as part of the Andrews Labor Government’s Education State commitment to provide an extra $566 million to help schools and students most in need.

Mr Nardella said:

I am proud that the Andrew Labor Government is this year delivering its breakfast club commitment to 500 Victorian primary schools, ensuring that every child starts the day on a full stomach and is well placed to do their best.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we are making sure all Victorian children are starting the day on a full stomach so they can concentrate, learn and be their best.

Breakfast Club Fast Facts (via Foodbank)

From Term 2 Breakfast Clubs will run at about 250 Victorian primary schools, and:

  •       Serve an average of more than 5500 breakfasts a day or 300,000 breakfasts over the term
  •       Serve 50,000L of milk, 15 tonnes of baked beans, 23 tonnes of fruit, 10 tonnes of Vita Brits and 10  tonnes of oats.