Nardella joins growing organ donor list

The Member for Melton, Don Nardella MLA is asking residents to consider becoming organ donors.

I decided to become a donor to ensure others could survive should the worst occur.  There is no doubt that thousands are alive today because of the decision of selfless individuals and or their families made at a time of loss.

Organ donors save lives. Indeed, last year alone 117 Victoria’s had donated their organs giving life to others.

There are over 1,600 Australians waiting for organ transplants and currently organ donations are only possible in less than 1% of hospital deaths.

To keep saving lives all Victorians should consider being a donor, discuss it with their families and then register.

Dr Helen Opdam of DonateLife Victoria said:

The generous decision by donors had last year transformed the lives of 352 families.

Organ donor enquiries can be directed to: DonateLife Victoria or visit