Hospital expansion – request for details

The Member for Melton, Mr Don Nardella MLA recently raised the matter of extended hospital capacity for access by local Melton & Bacchus Marsh residents.  In the Parliament, Mr Nardella asked the Health minister the following question (see Hansard extract below).

Mr NARDELLA (Melton):

My constituency question is for the Minister for Health. When will the further planning for additional hospital capacity in the peri‑urban fringe of the western growth corridor, which includes the Melton and Bacchus Marsh communities, be commenced and completed, as detailed under the third dot point of page 89 of the State wide Design, Service and Infrastructure Plan for Victoria’s Health System 2017–2037? Melton City Council and the community would like to be kept informed on this and to also be consulted on this further hospital capacity.

Mr Nardella also sought a time line for the next stage of this particular plan for his constituents.