Child safety kits

In the Parliament recently, the Member for Melton Mr Don Nardella MLA discussed the matter of the importance and availability of Children’s Safety Kits (see Hansard Extract below).


This year another multitude of young children have started kindergarten in the Melton electorate — over 900 kids.

In the Melton electorate, where we have more than 40 babies born each week, children are being looked after by professional and caring kindergarten teachers and aides, and volunteers.

Safety is a prime issue for children and their families, and one of the tasks that I do every year is distribute a child safety kit. The child safety kit has information on issues ranging from choking, strangulation and suffocation to button batteries to bath safety, burns and scalds to swimming pools, SunSmart, hot cars and choosing a helmet to driveway safety. It only serves as a guide, and professional advice should be sought if necessary by the parents.

A lot of people come into my office to actually get a kit after they find out that we have it. For the kids it is really important, because if you are looking at protecting children, a lot of times you just need to know some of the really basic things that you might need to do to treat cuts, grazes or lacerations.

Kits are free and available from the office of Mr Nardella upon request.  Kits can also be mailed to interested residents. Office contact: 9743 9825  or