Melton & Moorabool families will suffer from Abbott’s health cuts

The Member for Melton, Don Nardella MLA, is deeply concerned over Djerriwarrh Health Services funding cuts of $66.147 million dollars over the next ten years as a result of the Abbott Government’s draconian cuts to health.

Mr Nardella said:

The Abbott Government has walked away from key components of the National Health Reform Agreement, cutting the Commonwealth’s contributions to Victoria’s public hospitals from 1 July 2017 and removing funding guarantees.

As a result, Victoria stands to lose $13.6 billion over the next ten years, the equivalent of more than 2.3 million elective surgeries. $13.6 billion is also equivalent to more than 25 million dialysis sessions, or more than 11.6 million chemotherapy treatments.

Djerriwarrh Health Services; which oversees Hospital & Health services in both Melton and Bacchus Marsh, will seriously be affected by these drastic cuts.

The Abbott Government’s cuts comes on top of the $1 billion which was ripped out of health by the previous State Liberal Government, and means Victorians will wait even longer in emergency departments and on elective surgery waiting lists.

The Abbott Government has also cut funding from a number of key National Partnership Agreements, including:

  • Almost $220 million ($219.4 million) over three years for the National Partnership Agreement on Adult Public Dental Services
  • Up to $50 million in reward payments for emergency department and elective surgery waiting list times, and $840 million over the next ten years to fund new subacute beds, under the National Partnership Agreement on Improving Public Hospital Services
  • Up to $90 million for the National Partnership Agreement for Preventive Health.

The National Partnership Agreement for Preventive Health funded important health programs across Victoria, including Healthy Together will now end because of the Abbott Government.

These cuts will have a significant impact on families in the Melton, Bacchus Marsh and surrounding communities.

The Andrews Labor Government is working hard fix Victoria’s health system, to ensure Victorians can have timely access to quality healthcare.

Mr Nardella said:

“Victorians are already waiting too long in emergency departments and for elective surgery, and these cuts will only make it worse.”

To rip over $M66 Million dollars away from these community health services will make it hard to continue do the amazing work they do to treat our loved ones.”