Underfunded hospitals and ambulance crisis puts local lives at risk

Every day, more ambulances are “ramped” outside our hospitals, because there aren’t enough hospital beds to shift patients into. The Napthine government has only added 43 beds to the system, despite promising 800.

This means, with fewer ambulances out on the road, it takes longer than ever for ambulances to reach patients in an emergency, putting local lives at risk. Residents in Bacchus Marsh, Darley, Long Forest Road, Hopetoun Park, Brookfield, Kurunjang, Melton, Melton West, Melton South, Exford, Eynesbury and surrounds often wait over 20 minutes. That’s far too long.

Instead of trying to fix the ambulance crisis, the Napthine government is attacking our paramedics and actively trying to stop the public learning just how bad the situation is.

I’ll keep fighting to help fix our ambulance crisis. In the meantime, please contact my office if there are any issues you’d like to discuss. ┬áThe number is (03) 9743 9825.