Nardella angry over Napthine backflip on puppy farms

The Member for Melton, Don Nardella MLA has claimed that under Denis Napthine puppy farm cruelty will continue in Victoria.

In a cruel reversal, Denis Napthine has amended Victoria’s ‘global benchmark’ breeding code and will allow rogue puppy farms to continue exploiting breeding dogs until they die.

The Napthine Government promised to end this practice and this is now a major backflip.

Mr Nardella said:

Like many, I am a pet owner and love my pet dogs but it angers me to know many of these beautiful animals are exploited over long periods of their lives. It’s a disgrace.

The industry needs regulation and the government under Denis Napthine, a former veterinarian himself, must act and keeps its promise to deal with illegal puppy farms, with new codes regulating the treatment of breeding animals.

The code released on the 17 December 2013, was described by Agricultural Minister Peter Walsh as “setting a new global benchmark”. This contained clauses outlining that breeding dogs were subject to only five litters in their lifetime and that there should be mandatory veterinary checks before and after each litter.

In April 2014, it was revealed that the code would be revised to remove clauses aimed at protecting breeding dogs and to remove limits on litters.

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