Parliamentary Intern Program – Research

The Parliamentary Internship Program began in 1990. Hundreds of students have since been through the program, which has grown both in size and in relation to its reputation. The principal task of an intern is to undertake a research project in an area nominated by their Member. It is a collaborative program, and its partners are the Department of Parliamentary Services, Parliamentary Library, The University of Melbourne, Monash University and Victoria University. The program provides a unique form of study for each student, and is often regarded by them as the highlight of their university degree.

Don and his staff have been highly involved in the Parliamentary Intern Program, taking 28 interns since 2000. Our Parliamentary Interns conduct research projects of interest to the Melton community, and have won 3 President’s Prizes for Best Research Project.

Copies of all reports are available through the Parliamentary Library. Please contact us for assistance in getting a copy.

Some of the reports include:

  • Victoria University Melton Campus: ┬áPast, Present and Future (2000)
  • Melton South Community Needs Assessment (2001)
  • Public Transport: The Need for Quality Services in the West (2001)
  • Economic Development & Tourism in the Shire of Melton and Bacchus Marsh Township (2002)
  • Melton Botanic Garden Feasibility Study (2003)
  • Melton Botanic Garden Feasibility Study – Where to from Here? (2004)
  • The Melton Learning Precinct: An analysis and evaluation of a lifelong learning project in the Shire of Melton (2004)
  • Adult, Community & Further Education Services in Melton & Moorabool: An Analysis and Destination Survey (2005)
  • Youth Mentoring in Melton, Bacchus Marsh & Beyond (2005)
  • Melton Music Festival: Applying the WAM model to Victoria (2006)
  • Altruism, Exploitation or Self Interest: A report into volunteering in the Melton Electorate (2006)
  • Mental Health Services in the Melton Electorate: An assessment pf Psychiatric Services & Community needs (2007)
  • Melton & Bacchus Marsh: A review of EGM numbers, losses & community benefit (2010)
  • NO ENTRY: A study into community access for passive and active recreation at the Melton Reservoir (2011)
  • Jobs & Sustainability in the Melton Township (to be released in July 2014 – click to download overview)